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Friday, October 17, 2014

Grateful For My Melanin

The white man says he knows the Negro....
He says he has driven through the neighborhoods, 
 seeing the Government building doors open wide.
With lines long filled with grandmothers and poorly dressed children.
Dozens of people sitting outside....

Are these Negros slaves? 

With the way they are or where they live.
Living in the Government provided subsidized homes.
Are they slaves, when their daughters are having abortions here, 
 children there.
When their sons are in prison.

What do they do now?

With the Negro being on Government subsidy, 
 they never learned to pick cotton.
Leaving them with nothing to do,
 Are they better off as a slave?
At least slavery taught them to pick cotton and have a family life and do things.... 
Or are they better off under governmental subsidy?
The white man says don't get more freedom, 
 He says we get less.

The black man says...
White man, 
you don't know the Negro and you sho' nuff don't know me.
But I've seen you as you drive through my neighborhood,
 giving us judgemental glares and those assumptive stares.
With your noses raised, riding down these pot holed and cracked  
  asphalt, now grey streets.
Talking under your breath, 
  counting black heads within the long lines.
Crowding those same Government buildings.

Yes white man, I see you.
And you think that we are lazy, 
 cause those young and old ladies...
With those babies are attempting to get and keep food to eat.
So no-one in their family goes hungry,
 while being humiliated, time and time again.
every time they go for interviews and turn applications in.
Trying to make moves out of those subsidized homes.
So called structures built to protect and house their families,
 are nothing but shanties.
Shacks that are reminiscent of what the field Negro had to call home.

You ask are we slaves?

With Mr. Officers modern day oppression and modern day lynching.
But the black man that I am, 
Is at a conundrum....
Cause hypothetically and realistically, 
 the answer is a yes.
But my answer is complex,
 cause I of a darker shade,
 was once afraid and now I would rather die on my feet,
 than die on my knees.
Which makes me free,
 but with that freedom comes a cost...
A price that my ancestors paid....
With blood, sweat and the unforgotten tears.
The exception, 
 the one Negro that Mr. White Man fears.
The one within hundreds with the strength and intellect.
That Negro that if you left unchained....
Would awaken you with the crack of the whip [that split many a slaves back], 
feeling the lashes tearing the white of your skin.

I mean,
 it's the least I can do...
Cause by you making us pick cotton,
 you gave us something to do.
Like igniting my desire to free myself of you.
Leading the escape and unshackling the minds, 
 that now follow behind.
Constructing camps to towns,
 towns to cities....
Transforming slaves and servants to businessman and CEO's.
Now as President ruling the country as a whole....

So white man, you think you know the Negro?
But you could never understand a piece of this man.
Your comprehension would com-bust...
Cause the fathoms of our Desire,
Grace and Intellect.
Flows from my soul to my bone, to my flesh;
 and that white man makes  me 
                   GRATEFUL FOR  MY MELANIN! 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hive Minded!

Tunnel visioned with one directive....
Direction narrow-minded led by stupidity mostly....
Hardly by greatness, as for a generation nameless...
I must apologize for the reluctance of the misguidance of defective products of originality.
That has now become lame, miscalculated lyricists.

Unrecognizable.. arrogant... ignorant... close minded... low-eyed....
Purple sipping.... Molly popping...Blind lost facsimiles......

Skinny jean sagging, carbon test-tube generated, erased scraps of paper....
Of random nothingness!!!!
From 21 to 40, cities from coast 2 coast.
North to South from East to West.

All of those caught in Society's Web of Persuasive Scheming!

Conscientious thought is DEAD!
That thought invoked, a thriving creative expression....
Provoking a nation, teaching it that it can't be stopped, it can't be held back!!!!!
Unique ferocious spitting of tiger style like rhymes...... _______

"As old earths cried, each tear drop was a bonus towards my enterprise...."

That Knowledge Of Me, enticing Myself, I!
Black is power moving forward enlightened Empowerment....
Enhancing the limitless skill of a beautiful mind!

T.alent And

God MC's, still holding number one top spot.
Urban terrorist, public enemies....
Once was sucka free, has now become a virus throbbing deep within.....
Every neighborhood, every projects, every crew, every clan unknown!
Originality of the beats & the Rhyme, is now dead in the streets....
Where it was created & thrived!
Once Open-minded are now Hive Minded!
You've been BLINDED!


Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Eternal Order of the Ying/Yang (Fluidity)

Supreme tale of two individual souls.
Conjoined through time stretched
outwardly on an infinite journey.
Mirrored eternally,
a glow with all the hues of light.
Bending through glass radiating colors
uniquely defined.
Vibrant with passion,
an adoration beautified by blessings
from the Great Divine....
Miraculous recreation of
Adam's needing of Eve,
  created from the rib of his.
Dedication perfected by Love Supreme,
of true solidarity.
A pairing of ideals premeditated,
reoccurring like night and day.
The sun and moon...

A mind for thought and a mouth to
vocalize descriptively.
But remained a story timeless and
A destined legacy tenderly nurtured
within Endless Love's arms.
A connection everlasting by heart's
Flowing effortlessly,
Flowing strong!

As does...
   The Eternal Order of the Ying /Yang
A dedication to a Dove.....

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Backdrop Lo-Kei Lounge


Please Check it out and enjoy!!!!!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Waiting for The Dawning Of Tomorrow

Angels fall from heaven when love fails to find it's way to connect lonely hearts.
Spirits sown from the same cloth, dreaming of unification at first sight.
Fantasy so real, that sleep fuses with reality to the point that your walking while sleeping.
Visions become taunting and haunting....
Daydreamers, lost in love, desiring to become one.
As pen leaks names of unborn seeds, one boy and one girl, both with good hair.
Big beautiful eyes with adorable faces and complexions of golden brown....

Fantasy is what reality isn't, but, yet one can dream and wish upon falling stars.
That shoot across clear skies, burn eyes red.
Praying for destinies that are yet recognized.
Wanting to be loved, needing to be cherished.
These hearts wait patiently.... As the sun rises day after day.
Looking out glass panes directly into pouring rain, sipping on cappuccinos. 
Thoughts being shared telepathically by six degrees of separation.
If not contemplated by you, then by someone you know, or by someone they know.
Poor, Young, Rich or Old....
They all grasp pillows tightly at night, for their dreams....
They hold and cherish, waiting for the dawning of tomorrow!