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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Diamond & Dove prod. By Backdrop Lo-Kei! Productions


Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Eternal Order of the Ying/Yang (Fluidity)

Supreme tale of two individual souls.
Conjoined through time stretched
outwardly on an infinite journey.
Mirrored eternally,
a glow with all the hues of light.
Bending through glass radiating colors
uniquely defined.
Vibrant with passion,
an adoration beautified by blessings
from the Great Divine....
Miraculous recreation of
Adam's needing of Eve,
  created from the rib of his.
Dedication perfected by Love Supreme,
of true solidarity.
A pairing of ideals premeditated,
reoccurring like night and day.
The sun and moon...

A mind for thought and a mouth to
vocalize descriptively.
But remained a story timeless and
A destined legacy tenderly nurtured
within Endless Love's arms.
A connection everlasting by heart's
Flowing effortlessly,
Flowing strong!

As does...
   The Eternal Order of the Ying /Yang
A dedication to a Dove.....

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Waiting for The Dawning Of Tomorrow

Angels fall from heaven when love fails to find it's way to connect lonely hearts.
Spirits sown from the same cloth, dreaming of unification at first sight.
Fantasy so real, that sleep fuses with reality to the point that your walking while sleeping.
Visions become taunting and haunting....
Daydreamers, lost in love, desiring to become one.
As pen leaks names of unborn seeds, one boy and one girl, both with good hair.
Big beautiful eyes with adorable faces and complexions of golden brown....

Fantasy is what reality isn't, but, yet one can dream and wish upon falling stars.
That shoot across clear skies, burn eyes red.
Praying for destinies that are yet recognized.
Wanting to be loved, needing to be cherished.
These hearts wait patiently.... As the sun rises day after day.
Looking out glass panes directly into pouring rain, sipping on cappuccinos. 
Thoughts being shared telepathically by six degrees of separation.
If not contemplated by you, then by someone you know, or by someone they know.
Poor, Young, Rich or Old....
They all grasp pillows tightly at night, for their dreams....
They hold and cherish, waiting for the dawning of tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It's An Hour Before Sunrise And Baby It's Cold Outside

As I recollect over last night's escapade, I wonder was it all in vain or was it worth the pain?
As the words you said, replay...... The echoes of the softness of your voice,
 mingles with the passion in your words.
Playing with my senses, was it a mistake that we take?
Finding Eden within each other's arms, when, the only feelings to get hurt....
Are our unsuspecting man and lady's.
Though it feels so right to call you my baby, in actuality the possibility of us being.... Is a fantasy!
An obscure reality with a "what if" of being found out.

What would be the circumstances?
How would the cards be dealt and played out?
Is this something that we want to gamble with?
When we know the destination of the events.... Can be disastrous!
But I, I can't say no and can't stop flirting with the danger.
So I continue to play with the flame, your flame.
That flame that will eventually burn me, as I get closer and closer to you.
Eventually engulfing me with the degrees of intensity, of the desires of forbidden ecstasy.

In the last ten minutes of the hour before sunrise.
I ponder telling the truth to my lady, coming clean and exposing things to light.
Then in the moment of meditation, suddenly, I get blindsided!
Awakening, looking at my truck caved in.
Attempting to reach my phone, it begins to ring......

Then a voice says in the distance,
"Poor guy, he didn't even have a chance..."
I guess the circumstances is, Karma turning on me, bringing death!



How beautiful are our complexions?
Blending together into a consistency, thick and rich with passion.
Glistening coco, caramel and honey sweetness.
Rain showers so heated, that just a drop of sweat can steam.
Fogging windows and vision tinted.
Forms mangled and tangled within the rope burns, blindfolds, breathless moments pleasurable.
Journeying slowly into the depths of "Pandora's Box".
Memories being made so erotic like Zane.
With a lusting rage like Django, I am unchained.
Our brown shades deeply mends, blurring the lines of You and I, confusing the beginning with the end.
Two souls, two saints committing two sins, birthing an experience Heavenly.
Between an Earthly God and Goddess, A King and A Queen, and lastly Master and Slave.
Minds lose control as our bodies misbehave....

How beautiful are our complexions?.....