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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Am I suppose to be sad?
About your anouncement of you leaving.
Thinking about all this sh*t!
The sh*t that I did for you!
All my sacrefices, all my devotion and let’s not forget my heart.
With all this I regret that I became your puppet.
I allowed you to pull upon my string….
Placed upon your finger a ring>
Through your trials and pains.
Beside you I remained.
Through my own transgressions, my own hurt and pain,
Through the storm, I stood within the sheets of rain.
Beating and abusing my brain…..
Torturing my heart, as my blood you drained.
No remorse in the damaged you claimed.
Willing to endure the emotional stresses.
Twisting me ragged, my soul became horizontal within the celestial plain.
So am I suppose to be sad?
Over you leaving me?
While you’re  looking @ me, try to figure this out……..
Remember me asking you:
” What would you do if I won the lotto?”
Well I won 12 bucks!
Now take this 6, only take what you came with and get the f*ck out!
~ Dasu N’Chyld

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