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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Place A Few Go

This a place where a few go.
A place were once you visit, you never want to leave.
An environment of warm days and hot nights.
Being in the essence makes your lips quiver.
A place where the vibe can make your toes curl.
And the air that you breath is full of passion and seduction.
A place that inebriates your deepest mental mind.
Causing you to melt from the thoughts of her touch.
A place that sends tingles flowing down your spine.
Making you sweat and squirm.
A place that transforms into the physical of femininity.
Deliciously tempting, she can haunt and taunt you.
With complexity that is so simplistic.
You recognize that she is all that you know.
Addictive to yourself.
She is the drug that is your only fixation, the only medicine.
She can arouse your force within.
Off the glance that she radiates.
Challenging your manhood from the whispers that penetrate your soul.
This is the you want to go.
The only place you'll ever know.
A place where your chosen as part of the few to go....

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