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Monday, July 30, 2012

Your Body Has Got That Juice

How can I become the blues in your left thigh and switch to become the funk in your right?
Allow me to make love to you in a field of Tiger Lillies.
By moonlight illuminating, Radiating our bodies from the sweat that pours from our every orifice.
Or let me make you feel good in a jacuzzi tub surrounded by candles.
Water running over the side, with our bodies covered in suds of lust.
Can I give you injections of exquisite erections, causing you to erupt with metaphoric jizms.
Off the vibrations and rhythm of my voice.
Or do you want me to become your toy, that you use when your all alone.
One press of a button and you control my flow.
Everything you desire, I wanna be...
I wanna be your fire mami,
I know you want me to be....
Your body has got that juice, So mami cum and wet me!

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