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Monday, October 19, 2015

Yearning for Rain

It’s one o’clock in the morning.

And I am laying here in my bed.

Yearning for someone,

that one to share an  intimate, passionate experience.

Of her and I making love……

I close my eyes,

listening to Xscape set the mood for my fantasy to come true.

I picture a rainy summer night, rolling down an empty street.

On my way to come and get you.

We’ve both waited for a night like this…..

Sharing the same fantasy, to make love in the rain.

As I pull up, you peek out of your window.

Before I can get out of the car…..

You come out of the house.

Beautiful as always, but tonight,

you look very exotic, very sexy.

As I approach you,

I look you up and down.

I passionately kiss you and hug you tightly.

I open the door and you climb inside.

As I close the door,

I make my way around to the driver’s side.

We pull off and our thoughts begin to intertwine.

As we roll to our destination.

You start to stroke the back of my head.

As I pull into the park,

” Love Ambition” begins to play….


We get out and begin to dance.

Slowly grinding, we passionately kiss.

As we kiss, we slowly undress each other.

Until we are both flesh to flesh.

As we caress each other,

the rain begins to fall a little harder.

I place a cover onto the grass and across the hood.

I slowly set you on top of the hood.

I part your legs and stand in between them.

You caress me and I caress you.

You slowly ease me inside….

Slowly moving back and forth, in and out, grinding gently.

You pull me close and I go all the way inside.

Your nails dig deeply in my back.

You bury your face into my chest, sinking your teeth into my flesh.

I pull you down, causing me to go deeper.

We move intensely, moaning and groaning.

Your legs tighten around me.

Reaching the point of our first climax.

I slowly pull out teasing you.

Once every inch escapes,

you push me down onto the grass.

As I lay there with the rain falling down on me.

You sit on top of me, easing me inside.

You escape a sigh, as you begin to move.

Grinding slowly as if dancing to a freaky slow song.


As the rainfalls, my hands move up and down your back.

I slowly raise off the ground, reaching our second climax.

Your body begins to shake.

I navigate your body down,

slowly licking the rain off of your body.

I make my way down between your thighs.

From your knee up to your valley.

I search for your pearl tongue,

by teasing you,

searching round and round,

twisting my tongue deeper and deeper.

As I lick, your hands run across my head.

I run my tongue across your clitoris.

Sucking gently, causing your sweet rivers to flow……

I continue to lick until your body trembles.


As the rainfalls,

I lay between your thighs.

Holding on to you and you on to me.

Yearning for each other,

Yearning for more,

Yearning for rain……..

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