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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Introspective Conversation

How many ways can I twist your emotions.
With verbal intent to break down your physical frame.
Into a lifeless frame of beauty.
Art work perfected by my tongue.
Making u whisper my name, as u try to refrain .
Attempting to not expose your true thoughts with my skilled linguist strength. Reading your mind, I can predict the feelings that u feel.
There is no need for verbal expression and faces of the sensations u feel.
Grind on my face, pulling my head deeper, as my tongue slithers.
My appetite craves your juicy fruit, that makes me nibble and suck the core of your flavor.
Causing the twitching of the nerves and muscles of thickness to electrify.
Diagnosis explanatory, multiple lacerations.
Making you sore from being beaten by tongues kisses twisted between your secondary lips.
With this comes reality of fantasy sexing actuality.
How many licks does it take for u to scream.
Multiply orgasmic cries of daddy.
As u flood my township of what I’ve been feening.
Legs mounted on mu shoulders, grasping your thighs.
Positioning u on my face.
Grinding and riding my pierced tongue deeper still.
As I feel, taste your sweet nectar thicKen and moisturized.
My throat that is dry.
Intoxicating me as I become obsessed, possessed with your inhibition.
Continuing an Introspective Conversation….

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