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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Degrees of Intensity

We move across the floor.
Set in close,
deep inside each other’s arms,
each other’s body.
You rest your head upon my chest.
You sigh seductively as you listen to my heartbeat.
As we move sensously,
you move your hands up and down my back.
While your hands caress my back,
you begin to untuck my shirt.
Slowly you raise your head off my chest, bringing your lips closer to mine.
As we kiss,
you unbutton my shirt.
Leaving it open to run your fingertips and nails across my chest and down my stomach.
I squeeze you tightly,
you begin to kiss and gently nibble on my chest.
You roll my shirt off my shoulders.
As it floats down to the floor,
your nails dig into my back.
I slowly thrust my head back at the pleasurable feeling.
I bite my lip and moan softly.
As I moan intensely,
I look down into your eyes.
I see the seduction in them,
I feel the passion in your touch.
Your body is on fire,
your lips are soft.
Desire warms the air of the night.
Incense floats in the space around us.
A candle flickers in the darkness.
I begin to undress you ,
as I undo your buttons of our shirt with my teeth.
Slowly gliding down on one knee.
Kissing upon your stomach as I slide your shirt off.
I unbutton the button upon your skirt, letting it fall down around your ankles.
Caressing your hips and thighs,
I kiss softly.
Pulling your lace thong slowly.
I bury my face in your sweet scented valley.
Tenderly pleasing you with soft kisses.
With wet lips,
I tenderly caress your soft folds of your flower.
Taking one leg placing it upon my shoulder.
I slowly penetrate your chocolate center with my tongue.
You begin to quiver at the sudden thought of my tongue exploring your dark continent.
Your muscles in your thighs and stomach flex.
You grab ahold of my bald head,
pulling me deeper between your thighs.
You begin to shake and you try to resist, but you cannot.
Your body begins to buckle,
I grab u firmly,
tightly as u fall into my arms.
I lay you onto the quilt laying on the floor.
As you lay,
you reach for my belt and undo it.
You undo my pants.
I slowly move your hands and slowly stand.
Dancing to the smooth and sexy flow of words and melody.
I begin to grind,
rotating side to side.
Teasing you,
moving as if I was stroking deep within you.
As I move,
I slowly take off my pants and sensously take down my silk boxers.
As I dance for you,
I think of our bodies grinding together.
My manhood slowly rises to the thought of anticipation.
As I look down at you,
looking eye to eye.
With burning desire and passion,
you beckon me down to lay beside you.
As I slowly lay down beside you.
You caress my leg,
my manhood.
Laying beside,
our lips intertwine,
our hands explore…
You caressing me and me caressing you.
As I caress you,
you slowly climb upon me and straddle me, beginning your sexy grind.
You passionately move,
welcoming me inside.
Memorizing the flow of your hips.
Your river flows down upon me.
Causing your rhythm to become smoother and intense.
As I ascend deeper,
ecstasy draws closer.
Immensely surround by you,
I lift off of the floor as I wrap my arms around you.
I lay you upon the floor,
taking your legs and wrapping them around my waist.
Grasping your thighs,
vigorously I move.
Moaning deeply and aloud,
we reach our long awaited climax.
Rapidly approaching ecstasy,
my love comes down.
Your river flows flooding,
as sweat pours.
Drenching our bodies,
as I collapse upon you!!!!

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