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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Omunique Ambience

Eyes set low with a bubblin' echoing in the downbeat chill.
Bob Marley images and pleasant vibrant foliage, adorn the walls.
That glow a soft emerald green with black light accents.
Room filled with Omunique Ambiance, vibrant and fruity.

" Have you ever tasted a Luminaire? "

A voice whispers faintly in my ear.
Grasping the formed grip,
I press my lips into the opening.
Sparking the Bic,
I intake with a smooth, steady mellow hit.
I admit I'm no virgin to this!
The deeper the breath, the fuller my lungs get.
Now the Dragon spills smoke from his nostrils.
Causing him to disappear from sight.
Elevating the altitude of flight.
My mind is open,
Infinite as the universe our souls radiate in.
15 billion years in existence....

Meditation Limitless!
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