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Monday, October 24, 2011


My mouth watered as I had flash backs of a dream surreal.
Kisses upon second lips.
Had I finally reached, All my fantasizing coming to fruition.
Spawning reality from visions into physicality.
Golden brown sugah, honey dripping from her lips, I kissed.
Receptive was she as her lips I pressed against.
I could hear her moan from the tender fit.
From warm to hot, she got as I slipped my tongue.
Briefly touching hers, she squirmed and grasps the sheets from exhilaration.
Her thighs clenched, flexing around me.
Bobbing in a rhythm, my tongue began to slide deeper.
Twisting slow, clearing and tasting the molasses like flow.
Our bodies roll, grind slow as she goes.
Her hips roll, steadily as my breaths became deeper.
She expressed her delight.
Grinding upon Silver Tongued Strength.
That pursued her caverns sweet.
Till her molasses flow streamed slow.
Overflowing my mouth and throat, causing me to choke.
I swiftly changed our positions, placing her straddling my face....
Discovering her elevation, her intensity to test my capacity.
My ability to hold her down and make her squeal , rant and rave.
Till  I make her detonate and implode,
 flooding my orifice with all of her Sugah - Honey Molasses flow.
Into slumber, becomes her mode.
As her body quivers and shivers from the aftermath......

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