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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I am speechless gazing upon my love.
Beautiful angel in disguise that is now,
 but, not only my source of attraction but the world.
Digital girl, digital inhibriation, digital reality turned digital fantasy.
No words to be spoken,
 except the clicks upon my mouse translated as add me.
With a message within a virtual bottle,
 a poem with a number.
OMG !! I hope she accepts me.
Hopefully she will call me.
To hear her spoken whispers in my ear....
But I must be ready,
 ready for the actuality of declination.
Because of the last time we had spoke.
As I watched her walk away,
I heard two hearts break...
Hers and Mine.
But now it is a matter of time.
Hopefully, I can persuade her soul to reunite with mine.
Hopefully, I will be favored by the Great Divine.
Hopefully, I will not face no more storms within my horizon I would find.

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