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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hard to Survive

Twisted enigma that's motionless.
Though never motherless, I learned the process of gaining nothing less than positivity in verses.
That I call my thoughts, that define me, individually.
Capsized minds into idiocy.
Spellbound to the chants of prophecies.
I melt down like wax in tombs.
Numbing the pain, through kush blown constant.
I spew out conversations, that's provoking as choking.
Being swollen in throats.
From constant repetition, disposing all memory,
deleting thoughts of you and me.
Me and she and all thoughts that came before.
I choose to walk through an open door.
Forward into walls, brick layered.
Though I am never scared, I skip to Lu's of fools talking loud.
But never saying nothing.
Fronting about what happened to their boy.
Speaking in tongues of first person.
I thirst to rationalize my purpose.
Upside down in a down sided upward world.
I question all....
Swatted out of my flight.
It becomes disturbing, on Sundays listening to the Pastor's sermon.
Knowing what his religion speaks is dormant.
Yet I customize his knowledge, into my understanding.
Granting on a wish that some day soon, I'll make it there....
I can't say, but as for today!
Whom may say that I'll live.

Some how I know my will shall survive...

Turbulent times, drunken masters speak in riddled rhymes.
Lost wages loses minds, falling out of sync with rhyme.
Blacken out process of makin' money, chasing honeys, getting cross faded into the beat.
Hands speak, passing blunts man to man.
Handling business, heightening man to concepts open.
Game's bets are on, money stretched long.
Runs out like gas, burned out on state lines.
Exit I-95, hot skies sweat me.
Like wanna beez try to cop dimes.
Players charge their best game.
Getting automatically seized, then gets cut.
By a nigga named Bankrupt.
Played like the Big Spade gaining over the Lil Spade.
Points laid, niggas sign they name.
Bowing out as I remain.
Time prevailed, as many of my dawgs, fell by the waist side.
On the inside is where I cried.
Standing here looking eye to eye.
I still see the light.
Staring at the eclipse, I go blind!

Some how I know my will shall survive!

Conversing with demons, spitting seamen into nature's mouth.
Impregnating  her with a child, running wild, She smiles...
Now stagnant I potentially wait.
For the hater's blessings given at my wake.
Saints collide bridging my divide.
Roughly I ride, sharing same time.
I vanished, incarcerated for my blackness.
Rain shadowed sadness, walking 8 months in a fourth zone.
Gridlocked in seven segments.
Equal seven sins, seven hoes fucked every rip.
Gripping my balls, slowly taking a sip of 8oz of my juice.
Till she's blessed by my holy wine.
This my everyday grind.

Some how I know my will shall survive!

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