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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tantric Eruption

Lower back inscribed by design, Sexually Tatted.
Thickly shaped, nice waist and a beautiful face.
When can I have a taste?
Watching your expressions in the mirror with your legs parted and straight.
Grasping my desk, bent over, grabbing you at the waist.
Me clapping against your body, making your ass jiggle.
Knocking off papers and pencils, enjoying the pressure I'm giving you.
Watering my mouth from the point it was dry.
Loving your expressions and the way your reaching back clawing at my thighs.
Eyes make contact with yours in the reflection.
Climax part two, is the destiny to be reached.
Keeping your legs straight and your waist bent into position.
While you erupt and vibrate, my tongue is the transition.
Silver tongue slithering, making an incision.
Breathlessly you moan as my tongue snakes in.
Twisting and turning making your knees give in.
Your walls leak moistness and baptises my face.
Drowning in your flood, resurrecting in your ocean.
You quake and tremble, as your walls vibrate and succumb to the rush of pressure from a ....

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