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Monday, August 6, 2012

Dream Man ~ Turned Out By My Own Fantasy

You say you love me, But that has yet to be seen.
To me your actions haven't shown me your true honesty.
A fantasy is the way this relationship appears.
I rule the possibilities of you and I being in unison.
At the beat of Love's drum.
Settling down, is what you run from.
Can't commit!
Once I believed you were God sent.
After I gave in, the straight road curved.
Destination hell bent....
Confident that I could change the world that you rule.
Blind like a fool that stares directly into the solar eclipse.
I fell face first with hand and feet bound...
I fell into self depression.
Dramatized, shocked as tears fell from my brown eyes.
The sky and I combined.
And then the water fell.
As the ship set sail, all alone with no crew....Ghostly.
Wanting the first baby steps of you courting me.
With flowers and candy on the beach, barefoot and sandy...
Those were the days.

Reclaimed memories, no, lost for good.
Now your off with somebody.
Whom you claim is nobody.
But a hint of her body, gives an idea...
Looking at your collar, lipstick smeared.
Bringing myself to believe, that she isn't as dumb as me.
But she has to be, to be with a nigga like you.
Built off a wet dream,
turned out by my own fantasy.... Dream Man!

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