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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pains Reflection: Regrets of Love

So many nights, I want to call you.
Just to see if you are safe.
Then I realize it would be a waste of time.
Never knowing what state of mind you might possibly be in.
Moods changes like the direction of the wind.
And with you, the storm never ends.
Constant is the battle in which I engage.
Prepared for disaster, the degrees of you and I cannot be mastered.
Blindly I course into the moment of next.
Most nights our bed isn't shared and in this place on which we dwell...
Comfort is just a fantasy,
 and to be loving and affectionate is an ideal.
But is not real, beastly do I feel.
Unattractive, hideous and disfigured.
Moments of making love is just a dream.
It's been so long since we've touched, my lady.
And I wonder who you are giving it up to.....
You tell me it's me.
Allowing my insecurity to control my rationality.

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