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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mr. Mo' Betta & Mrs. Goodie Good

It's all in a mix...
Caramel, Peanut Butter mixed with nougat & milk chocolate.
Turns like cream, making it mo' sweet.
The mo' heated the mixture, the thicker the texture.
Subliminally arousing sexual nature.
Euphoric sensations cause pulsations.
Causing the body to quake, then dehydrate from sweat flooding out of her pores.
Deep strokes for hours causes the nani to swell & get sore.

 All over the bed.... Burgundy sheets drenched with sweat.
From murders strokes from cuts deep, bleeding glistening sweat that sheds.
Licking the lollipop, while the honey pot gets emptied.
Deep in her throat, feeling the crown curving.
With my tongue deep within the petals of her Lotus Flower.
I hungrily devour the slow flow of her caramel & honey desire.
Causing her to downpour and her rainfall to shower.
Caramelizing his face, as he slowly swallows her down his throat.
Her slow neck flow brings him to explode.....

As he unloads, she feels his eruption in her chest.
Only a moment to rest.... catching breaths.....
She molds him again from her tight, but tender slow stroking caress.....Damn!

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