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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kane & Abel

You followed me as I was walking down that dark street.
I began to walk faster, you walked faster.
I began to run as you pulled your gun.
You shot pow-pow!
I tried to run with bullets flying through the air…
Hurling in my direction, whizzing past my head…
Ahhh shit!
I’ve been hit, I drop to the ground.
My hands rose to the night sky, as my brown eyes began to cry.
As I began to die.
I laid on the ground, unable to make a sound.
You didn’t know me, but you showed me.
Pulling my wallet from my pocket with your gloves.
My family will be destroyed, when they find my body.
Covered with blood, missing my wallet and my shoes.
” Another black man slain…”
The news stated.
You walked off with my money and my life.
My wife can’t tell my son, the real reason why he can’t play with guns.
With the last thing I saw before I died with disgrace, was your black face.
Black Love!
It was a dare, they told me I’d be down.
It was a dare, they told me I’d be respected.
A dare, they told me I’d be hardcore if I shot somebody.
They said I’d be made and since I was broke, uneducated, fatherless and downed by society…
I took the dare, I need the acceptance.
They told me I’d be cool, down and accepted.
If I shot someone, so, I grabbed the gun.
Proceeding with my mission and there the mark was.
Walking down the dark street…
I walked behind him, stalking, he must have knew what was up.
Cause the nigga started running.
I pulled out my cold steel and raised it at him.
I felt it’s power!
As I raised the cold steel, I felt my power.
I felt like God!
” You can’t run from me!”
As I thought as I tightened my grip and clenched the trigger.
I was hunting this nigga like he was an animal.
It was the thrill of the chase that exhilarated me for that moment.
So I took time to point and Pow!
I shot once but missed.
Again pausing, smiling at how the gun made the spark, I released the bullet.
The jolt I felt up my arm and through my heart, made my pulse race.
The thunderous sound that it gave.
Telepathically, I told the gun what to do.
” I’m a soldier!” I said aloud.
I was meant to kill.
Just like the armies and forefathers before me.
” I’m a soldier!”
Pow, Pow and I got him.
There he laid, bleeding and shaking.
Blood spilling from the holes I put in his body.
From the damage I did, momentarily, I felt guilty.
But, seconds later I felt Godly.
I removed someone from the earth.
The thrill of the hunt and the glory of the kill.
Ain’t nobody gonna miss him, he’s probably poor like me.
I just took him out of his misery.
Making me the hero!
I grabbed his wallet and his shoes, leaving him for dead.
I was a hero amongst my trues, once they heard it on the news.
“Random killing…”
Now I was down, I was a man, I was hardcore…
Because I killed a man.
Black Love!
Two weeks have passed and my brother hasn’t come home.
We weren’t tripping at first, cause he always be at his baby momma’s home.
But she called three days ago, looking for her child support.
My moms is getting worried.
But for me, I’m not.
Cause I know he’s alright.
So I walked down to the store to get a forty.
I didn’t have enough dough, except, for that fool’s wallet.
There wasn’t much, but, it paid for my drink.
As I was leavin, the clerk rushed up to me and handed me the I.D.
Wait, I must be trippin’, I know this can’t be…
I know I didn’t smoke my own brother?
Black Love!

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