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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Unexplainable Desire

There is this desire to be trapped inside of you.
To be imprisoned, confined and restrained by you.
Drugged by you and hypnotized by you.
With this overwhelming urge,
I want to give into you.
To say yes to you.
With every kiss over and over again.
I come closer to heaven,
by way of your lips.
But each moment of submission,
I commit sin after sin.
I feel your presence of domination engulfing me.
Me merging with you.
I don’t know the knowledge of understanding of myself.
Why am I willing to do,
Why do I do what you want me to do.
Is this inhibition called obsession?
Or is it a course to a divine destination,
or is it just divine intervention?
I am unable to comprehend a rational decision.
But I am able to indulge in this feeling of heightened sensory.
Please just give me another taste of your lips.
I’m wanting to be induced by your seductive spirit.
Being ravaged by your passionate fiery soul.
Carried pass my conscientious mind,
well into another level of existence.
Only to be brought back again.
In a circle of continual thriving,
of my body and mind.
Entangled within your intangible essence.
An Unexplainable Desire……

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